Highlights of Colorado State Insurance Laws eBook

Highlights of Colorado State Insurance LawsHighlights of Colorado State Insurance Laws is an excellent review of basic, yet important, Colorado insurance codes and laws for agents and insurers. This textbook reviews the rules and codes of the state of Colorado which are very helpful in the everyday life of an insurance agent and insurance business. This textbook is very useful in transacting insurance and maintaining an agent’s insurance license. Also includes general information on insurance company requirements and policies.

It is the intent this book to enhance the knowledge of specific insurance laws for producers. Therefore, this booklet contains essential laws and regulations of the State of Colorado, as passed by the Colorado General Assembly and the Colorado Department of Insurance, selected from the hundreds of pages of the 2004 Colorado Revised Statutes, that Colorado insurance licensees need to know.

In addition, this book also contains 25 multiple-choice exam questions to test your knowledge of these Colorado insurance laws and regulations.

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