Insurance Adjusting After Hurricanes and Tornadoes eBook

Insurance Adjusting After Hurricanes and TornadoesInsurance Adjusting After Hurricanes and Tornadoes covers the issues adjusters in Florida encounter when a natural disaster occurs and how to handle the special circumstances in processing these claims. This comprehesive textbook will help you gain an understanding of the different types of severe weather, learn how to deal with challenges to claims handlig, provide insight into what to do when rebuilding after a disaster, and review the Departments of Insurance Emergency Adjusting Rules.

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Homeowners Insurance Adjusting in Florida eBook

Homeowners Insurance Adjusting in FloridaHomeowners Insurance Adjusting in Florida will educate Florida Public Adjusters on homeowners policies, their legal and ethical obligations to achieve satisfactory claim settlements.

Major subjects covered include:

  • The Common Law of Agency
  • The he Insurance Contract
  • Homeowners Policy Overview
  • Proper Maintenance of the Insured Property
  • Preparing and Submitting the Estimate
  • Special Considerations for Natural Disaster Claims
  • Ethics in the Insurance Business
  • Public Adjuster Liability
  • The Insurance Adjusters Law
  • Public Adjuster Qualifications.
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Highlights of Colorado State Insurance Laws eBook

Highlights of Colorado State Insurance LawsHighlights of Colorado State Insurance Laws is an excellent review of basic, yet important, Colorado insurance codes and laws for agents and insurers. This textbook reviews the rules and codes of the state of Colorado which are very helpful in the everyday life of an insurance agent and insurance business. This textbook is very useful in transacting insurance and maintaining an agent’s insurance license. Also includes general information on insurance company requirements and policies.

It is the intent this book to enhance the knowledge of specific insurance laws for producers. Therefore, this booklet contains essential laws and regulations of the State of Colorado, as passed by the Colorado General Assembly and the Colorado Department of Insurance, selected from the hundreds of pages of the 2004 Colorado Revised Statutes, that Colorado insurance licensees need to know.

In addition, this book also contains 25 multiple-choice exam questions to test your knowledge of these Colorado insurance laws and regulations.

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Ethics and Responsibilities for Florida Adjusters eBook

Ethics and Responsibilities for Florida Adjusters eBookEthics and Responsibilities for Florida Adjusters is a study of ethical conduct for insurance adjusters in Florida, examining some of the ethical dilemmas they face and presenting the topics of deceptive trade practices and fair claims handling.

In this book you will learn the general concepts of adjuster ethics, gain an understanding of ethical decision making, compare ethical obligations and legal requirements, identify the duties resulting from the law of agency, examine guidelines and law for Florida adjusters to follow, and learn about adjuster liability.

Major subjects covered include:

  • Introduction to Adjuster Ethics
  • The Common Law of Agency
  • Perspective on the Unauthorized Practice of Law
  • Ethics for the Insurance Industry
  • Complex Ethical Dilemmas that Challenge Adjusters
  • Legal Vs. Ethical Requirements
  • Adjuster Liability (Unethical Conduct may lead to Bad Faith Claims)
  • Fair Claims Handling Guidelines and Law for FL Adjusters
  • Deceptive Trade Practices in General
  • Regulating Fair Claims Practices and Unfair Claim Settlement Practices
  • Property and Casualty Claims Practices
  • Adjusters and the Florida Insurance Code
  • The Insurance Adjusters Law
  • Adjuster Code of Ethics
  • The Unfair Insurance Trade Practices Act
  • Authority and Enforcement
  • Disciplinary Guidelines for Public Adjusters

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Concepts of Disability Income Insurance eBook

Concepts of Income Disability Insurance eBookThe most thorough and comprehensive of any published textbook on the subject of disability income insurance. Two years in the making, this book covers every minute detail, from contractual provisions and benefits to underwriting and claims. Concepts of Disability Income Insurance is an authoritative when-where, how-to manual that no agent should be without.


  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of, and a valuable insight to, the fascinating field of disability income insurance.
  • Develop skills in marketing and underwriting disability income insurance to consumers.
  • Gain insight into underwriting tools, claims handling, governmental coverages, and the disability application.

Major Subjects Covered

  • Contractual Provisions and Benefits.
  • The Disability Application.
  • Substandard Underwriting.
  • Occupation Schedule.
  • Group Disability Benefits.
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Business Continuation Insurance

Business Continuation InsuranceFinancing and marketing the Buy-Sell agreement to proprietors, partnerships and corporations.

In the event of death or disability, a properly executed Buy-Sell Agreement is to the continued success of a business what a properly executed will is to the financial stability of a grieving widow or widower. This fascinating and informative text will leave you well skilled in creating or analyzing the all too important Buy-Sell Agreement.


  • Learn the fundamental principles of the Buy-Sell Agreement.
  • Develop basic skills to create or analyze a Buy-Sell Agreement for sole proprietorships, partnerships, or corporations.
  • Gain insight to the legal concepts and tax implications of the Buy-Sell Agreement.

Major Subjects Covered

  • Partnerships
  • Corporations.
  • Proprietorships.
  • General Considerations.
  • Contents of the Agreement.
  • Selecting the Type of Agreement.
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Annunity Training

Annuity TrainingAnnuity Training provides an in-depth examination of annuities with an emphasis on the classification and contract provisions and the types of annuity plans available and their benefits. This textbook provides a wealth of information regarding annuities, including history, types and classification and the taxation of annuities.  This textbook is a good source of information both for those new to annuities as well as a great review for those who are the more experienced in the field.

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Agent Ethics and Responsibilities eBook

Agent Ethics and ResponsibilitiesAgent Ethics and Responsibilities is a discussion on the need for ethical codes of conduct in the insurance industry, and on agent responsibilities.

Several years after the need for a code of ethics became apparent to the U.S. insurance industry, this textbook arrived on the scene and has since proven to be the absolute best source of compiled data anywhere.


  • Learn to think “ethically” and establish personal ethical standards designed to improve your professionalism.
  • Develop ethical skills in selling, underwriting, or replacing insurance coverage.
  • Gain insight into ethical theory and agent responsibilities to the company and to the client.

Major Subjects Covered

  • Legal Responsibilities of Agents and Brokers.
  • Agent Liability to the Insured.
  • Ethics in the Insurance Industry.
  • The Ethics of Policy Replacement.
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