California Driver License Exam High-Score Kit eBook

California Driver License Exam High-Score KitAre you getting your drivers license for the first time?
Are you getting a provisional permit?
Do you need to pass the traffic laws and sign test?

Before you take your California driver license written exam, be prepared! The California Driver License Exam High-Score Kit is designed to help you pass your regular (Class C) driver license written exam the first time you take it. With 500 sample questions, all with complete explanations, this is the most comprehensive driver license study guide you can buy.

In addition to the 500 sample questions, this book contains tips on how to pass your written driver license test to help ensure that you are as prepared as possible before you set foot in the DMV.

Don’t waste time, gas, and money taking the written DMV test over again. Know the questions, know the answers.

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