California Real Estate Broker Exam High-Score Kit

California Real Estate Broker Exam High-Score Kit eBookThe Real Estate Broker Exam High Score Kit is written material to be used during the last week or two prior to your real estate broker exam during the home stretch of your preparation. At this stage you want to study the most recent and accurate questions available!

Included in the Kit are 2,550 of the most recent and accurate exam-style questions gathered from recent exam takers.

In addition, to aid your in-depth understanding of the topics covered on the real estate exam, we cross reference the topic in each of the 700 practice questions to the appropriate pages in the REFERENCE BOOK published by the California Dept. of Real Estate. In this manner, if additional reading on any topic is needed, one can use the cross-referencing system and such additional reading becomes very easy.

In addition to the questions and answers and the REFERENCE BOOK, the Kit also contains over 80 tips on how to pass your exam. These tips focus on what you can expect on the exam: the mechanics of taking the exam, trick questions you may encounter, and topics which come up over and over again on different exams.

Also, there is an extensive glossary with complete definitions of 700 words and phrases you need to know for the exam.

There are a large number of math questions in the Kit, with complete step-by-step answers showing short-cuts saving many valuable exam minutes.

This book is prepared under the direction of Michael Lustig, former Instructor at the University of California, California State Universities and Colleges, and California Community Colleges, and licensed real estate broker.

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