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Texas: Insurance Continuing Education Information

Save Your Texas Insurance License!

Finish All 24 Hours, Including 15 Hours Classroom Equivalent/Ethics,
As Fast As You Wish! . . .

…Only $199!
  • All Approved Continuing Education for TDI Texas Insurance License Renewal
    • (Registered Name “C.E. Credits, Inc.” TDI C.E. Provider #32355)
  • Fast and easy Open-Book Final Exam Online or on Paper,
    (Please Note: Texas Agent & Adjuster Ethics and Responsibilities 15 Hrs. Classroom Equivalent Course May be Taken ONLY Online)
  • Finish up to 24 Texas insurance CE Credit Hours, including required 2 Hrs Ethics and 15 Hrs Classroom Equivalent Course in the comfort of your home or office with only 2 courses, as fast as you wish.
  • No time wasted from your job, or wasted gasoline money, driving to and from a classroom or seminar!
  • 15 Hrs. Classroom Equivalent Online and Additional 15 Hrs. Self Study either Online or with Priority Mail Delivery of Books!
  • Superfast and dependable service since 1974!
  • 3,000,000+ insurance CE courses completed across the U.S. with our insurance school
  • Select your Texas insurance CE courses below, for Online or Priority Mail Printed Textbook Delivery
  • All of the Texas Insurance Continuing Education Requirements are covered including Ethics Required Hours!
  • All prices INCLUDE the $0.75/Credit Hour fee to report completion of your course to the state!

If you decide your Second Course (other than the Online Classroom Equivalent Course) is to be on Paper and NOT Online, then:

  • Fax your Final and get results in only 2 Hours
  • Enjoy the quality of your own printed course textbook Priority Mail Delivered!
  • All Agents require 24 Hours Total, including 2 Hours in Ethics; Self study and 15 Hours Classroom Equivalent.
  • In general, most licensees holding any combination of licenses for LAH, PC, MGA, LH Counselors, and adjusters of all types including public adjusters, must receive credit for at least 24 hours in each two year renewal cycle.
  • General Lines Agents with County Mutual license can renew BOTH licenses with the 24 hours requirement above.
  • Other remaining 15 Hours can be done in classroom or classroom equivalent (Online or CD-ROM)
  • Exams are non-monitored.
  • Students are required to keep their certificates for a period of 5 years in case of audit by Texas Department of Insurance.
  • Credits for completion of course will be submitted by roster via email to appropriate state insurance department or credit processing firm.
  • There is no continuing education “grace period”. Once the expiration date has passed, a violation exists. CE cannot be made up after the expiration date. The fine for not doing the required continuing education is $50 per deficient hour.
  • A major change became effective 12/31/2002. The 20 years of licensure needed to qualify for an exemption now must be CONTINUOUS (no breaks greater that 90 days) and the license must be held under the Texas Insurance Code.
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Texas Insurance CE: Combo 1

Courses Included:

  1. Agent & Adjuster Ethics & Responsibilities (ONLINE Classroom Equiv.)
  2. Life, Accident & Health Ins.BASICS
  3. Insurance Ethics Training

Hours: 24

$98.00Buy Now
Texas Insurance CE: Combo 2

Courses Included:

  1. Agent & Adjuster Ethics & Responsibilities (ONLINE Classroom Equiv.)
  2. Insurance Laws in the US

Hours: 24

$98.00Buy Now
Texas: Agent & Adjuster Ethics & Responsibilities

Hours: 15  Classroom Equivalent,
(Includes 2 Hours Ethics)

$79.00Buy Now
Texas: Insurance Law in the United States

Hours: 12 General

$79.00Buy Now
Texas: Life, Accident & Health Insurance BASICS

Hours: 7

$59.00Buy Now
Texas: Agent & Adjuster Ethics & Responsibilities (ONLINE Classroom Equiv.)

Hours: 15 Classroom Equivalent,
(Includes 2 Hours Ethics)

$79.00Buy Now
Texas: Insurance Ethics Training

Hours: 3 Ethics

$49.00Buy Now