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State of Washington Department of Insurance Requirements

  • 24 hours including 3 hours of ethics are required every two (2) years.
    CE is due every 2 years based on birth month. CE for new licenses is due 1 year from their next birthday after they get licensed.
  • Agents can take any course no matter which line they hold.
  • There are 4 different lines: life, disability, property, and casualty.
  • Courses are repeatable every 2 years, once each license renewal period.Cannot carryover excess hours.
  • Exams are non-monitored.
  • Student and course provider are both responsible for reporting course completion to the state.
  • If you’re within a 60 day period either before or after your expiration date you may renew your license. Remember, if you’re within the 60 day period following your expiration date, you will be subject to additional fees for late renewal.
  • If you are 61 days past your expiration date but not more than 12 months, you will need to reinstate your license. You will be subject to additional fees for reinstatement.

Renew Your Washington Insurance License — Select Your Washington Insurance CE Courses Below

Course NameCredit Hours & TypePrice Add to Cart
Washington: Agent Ethics & Responsibilities

Hours: 6 General Incl, 3 Ethics

Washington: Business Continuation Insurance

Hours: 9 General

Washington: Legal Concepts of Insurance

Hours: 6 General

Washington: Concepts of Disability Income Insurance

Hours: 8 General

Washington: Law and the Insurance Contract

Hours: 6 General

Washington: Insurance Ethics Training

Hours: 3