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California Real Estate Sales Prep Exam (8 exams)


8 exams

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Prepare for the California Real Estate Exam with Sample Time Exams

“Replica” Timed Exams. Each “Replica” Timed Exam includes random questions, covering topics on the California actual real estate sales exam!

Review Mode – take as much time as you’d like to review each question and answer, and access more information to learn more. As you answer each question, you’ll immediately see whether you’re correct, and can view the correct answer for questions you miss. With every answer you’ll receive a full explanation as to why the answer is correct. Plus, access the online California Department of RE Reference Book, or pull up page numbers for the printed Reference Book. Even includes an online calculator.

Online 700-Term Glossary –  puts definitions of real estate words and phrases used in the questions within Review Mode right at your fingertips

Tips To Pass – dozens of tips help to make sure you pass our exam. The tips include math shortcuts, trick questions to watch for, and frequently asked questions which appear on nearly every exam. This is included as a FREE bonus!

Thousands of California real estate agents have successfully prepared for the California real estate exam using Relstone materials since 1978.

We’ll beat any other school’s advertised price. Need help? We’re here 6am to 10pm PST, 7 days a week (in San Diego).