Florida: P&C & CSR: 2022 Law & Ethics Update General Lines


This course follows the requirements from the Florida Department of Financial Services with respect to the annual 4-hour law and ethics update continuing education requirement for general lines agents. The course updates Florida law and regulations through the state’s 2022 legislative session. The essence of the laws and statutes are followed. This text is written in plain English as much as possible without losing the effect of the law.

Also covered are federal topics and pieces of legislation that should be of interest to general lines agents.

The course undertakes a study of ethical practices expected from Florida general lines licensees and a study of disciplinary and industry trends.

Learning Objectives

The learning objectives for this course are:

  • Section One – To educate students on the state’s regulatory framework regarding regulatory awareness
    • To educate students on the state’s regulatory framework regarding regulatory awareness
    • Jurisdiction of Duties and Responsibilities
    • Licensing and Other Requirements
  • Section Two – To introduce and explain insurance law and updates
    • New Florida Law Updates
    • Pertinent Federal Law Review pertinent to Florida licensed insurance professionals
  • Section Three – To examine the ethical expectations of
    • Licensees in their daily business activities
    • Code of ethics DFS Rule Chapters 69B-215, 220, 221, and 230, F.A.C.
    • Marketing regulatory and ethical guidelines for Florida licensed insurance professionals
    • Unfair methods of competition and unfair or deceptive insurance trade practices
    • insurance fraud
  • Section Four – To analyze disciplinary and industry trends
    • Enforcement actions against property and casualty licensees for violation of Florida law
    • Unauthorized insurance products and entities in Florida commerce
    • New technologies and review present terminologies relevant to licensees

Intermediate Level

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Hours: 4 – CE05220 Law & Ethics Update