Florida: Law and Ethics Update for Public Adjusters (5-320)

2020 5-Hour Law and Ethics Update for Public Adjusters (5-320)


This course follows the requirements of the Florida Department of Financial Services with respect to the updating Florida law and regulations through December 31, 2019. The essence of the laws, statutes, and regulations is followed. The course is presented in a plain English format wherever possible, rather than the formal and technical language of legal documents that is often difficult to understand. Still, the effect of the law is not lost.

This text contains discussions of Florida’s existing regulatory environment, as well as new laws enacted by the 2019 Florida Legislature. Discussions of insurance ethics for public adjusters, as well as insurance industry trends, constitute an important part of this update.

Learning Objectives

  • Regulatory Awareness
  • Jurisdiction of Duties and Responsibilities
  • Licensing Requirements
  • Florida Insurance Law and Updates
  • Ethical Requirements
  • Codes of Ethics
  • Unfair Methods of Competition and Unfair or Deceptive Acts
  • Disciplinary and Industry Trends
  • Recent Violations and Enforcement Actions in Florida
  • Unauthorized Products and Entities Involved in Florida Commerce
  • New and Other Important Terminology Applicable to Florida Licensed Insurance Professionals

This course is directed at public adjusters, not company or independent adjusters.

Course Level: Intermediate

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