Hawaii: Highlights of Hawaii State Insurance Laws

Highlights of Hawaii State Insurance Laws

An excellent review of basic, yet important, Hawaii insurance codes and laws for agents and insurers.

This course reviews the rules and codes of the state of Hawaii which are very helpful in the everyday life of an insurance agent and insurance business. This course is very useful in order to transact insurance and maintain an agent’s insurance license. Also includes general information on insurance company requirements and policies.


  • Refresh an agent’s memory regarding specific terms, rules, and codes of the state of Hawaii, including those of the Insurance Commissioner.
  • Gain insight on the basics of different lines of insurance
  • Review general policy requirements and format

Major Subjects Covered

  • General Definitions.
  • Coverage of Different Types of Insurance.
  • Requirements and Processes of the Insurance Commissioner
  • General Requirements of Authorized Insurers and Producers.
  • Producer Conduct and Responsibilities.

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Hours: 4 Ethics, Life(Health & Prop.)Cas.