Alabama: Life, Accident & Health Insurance

Life, Accident & Health Insurance in the United States

An overview of the life and health insurance business in the United States for Alabama Insurance Continuing Education.

Expand your knowledge on nearly every aspect of the life and health insurance industry in the United States. Thousands of insurance professionals have successfully completed this online course for Alabama Insurance CE over the past decade.


  • Review the fundamental principles of life and health insurance.
  • Develop basic skills to analyze and determine appropriate coverages.
  • Gain insight to the legal concepts of insurance, including contract
    provisions, options and benefits.
  • Be up to date on changes in the Social Security and Medicare Laws.

Major Subjects Covered

  • Policy Provisions, Options and Benefits
  • Types of Insurance Policies and Coverages.
  • Group Insurance, Taxation, and Retirement.
  • Business Insurance.

Course Level: Intermediate

Hours:  12 Hours, General. Approved for Alabama Insurance CE.

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Hours: 12, General