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Pre-License Courses FAQ

You need to take 3 college-level courses in order to qualify and apply to take the Real Estate Sales Exam with the California Department of Real Estate:

  1. Real Estate Principles
  2. Real Estate Practice
  3. One additional course from the following courses (Relstone offers the courses in bold):

• Real Estate Appraisal

• Property Management

• Real Estate Finance

• Real Estate Economics

• Legal Aspects of Real Estate

• Business Law

• Real Estate Office Administration

• General Accounting

• Escrows

• Mortgage Loan Brokering and Lending

• Computer Applications in Real Estate

• Common Interest Developments

By completing Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice and 1 other pre-license course and then passing the California Real Estate Salesperson exam, a 4 year permanent license will be issued.

To become a broker, you must complete:


  • 2 full years of experience as a Real Estate Salesperson or a 4 year college degree in Real Estate

If you have purchased 1 to 3 broker courses to obtain your broker’s license, you have 12 months to complete your final exams. Please note that you must allow 18 days per course from the date of order to complete the final exam and obtain a certificate for the course (per the California Department of Real Estate).

If you have purchased more than 4 broker courses, you have exactly 1 year from the order date to complete all of the final exams.

The final exams for the pre-license courses (sales or broker) are 100 questions long and you are given a time period of 150 minutes per exam.  There are no quizzes or essays required.

You can take the exams online or on paper.

Once you have the transcript(s) for the course(s) you have completed, you would need to go to the California Department of Real Estate website to obtain the necessary forms and appropriate examination fees by going to

For more specific information we have provided a link to the DRE-Form RE 216B “Exam/License Application Checklist

Continuing Education to Renew a California Real Estate License FAQ

You will need 45 hours of continuing education which consists of:

  • 20 hours:  Ethics, Agency, Trust Funds Handling, Fair Housing, Risk Management, Management Supervision and the new course Implicit Bias (RELSTONE offers this package of courses for California Real Estate CE.)    
  • 25 hours of consumer protection: RELSTONE offers coursework in “Selling Business Opportunities in California” which meet this requirement.

For any renewal courses including 15 hours C.E. or 45 Hours C.E., you have 12 months from the order date to complete the final exams.  You may complete each course and exam as quickly as within 24 hours (one course per 24-hour period, per the California Department of Real Estate).

Once you receive the certificates for the courses you have completed, you can go online to the Department of Real Estate website,, to renew online. Renewal fees may be paid online with a credit card. If you prefer to mail in your renewal, you may print out the renewal forms from the same website and mail it in.


If you are completing the exams online, your exams will be graded immediately after you complete each exam. You will be able to see if you passed and the percentage score.

If you are completing the paper exams, your monitor must mail in the completed exams into our office. Once we receive them, it will take approximately 24 hours to grade and send out trancripts when you have passed the exams.

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