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R.E. General Information

For Courses presented by:
Real Estate License Services
5059 Newport Ave # 209, San Diego CA 92107
(619) 222-2425 // Email:
California Department of Real Estate (DRE)
DRE Sponsor No. 1035
  1. These courses are presented as correspondence/internet presentation consisting of text reading, mandatory quiz questions and a final exam for each booklet &/or textbook.
  2. If you enrolled in the 15 hours of continuing education (Agency; Ethics, Professional Conduct, and Legal Aspects of Real Estate; Fair Housing; Trust Fund Accounting and Handling and Risk Management for Real Estate Professionals) the minimum time to complete these courses is two days from the date you have access to the course material. However, if you have enrolled in the 45 hours of continuing education (Selling Business Opportunities in California or Mortgage Lending along with the courses: Agency; Ethics, Professional Conduct, and Legal Aspects of Real Estate; Fair Housing; Trust Fund Accounting and Handling; Risk Management for Real Estate Professionals; and the new Real Estate Management, Implicit Bias, and Supervision) then the minimum time you may start taking the exams is two days from time of enrollment if text material is delivered online, or six days if enrollment involves delivery of books with no online delivery of text material. The maximum time limit to complete the 15 hours &/or 45 hours CE courses is twelve (12) months from the date of enrollment.
  3. The Department of Real Estate provides a Course & Instructor Evaluation form on the California Department of Real Estate Website for students to evaluate and make suggestions. The evaluation can be accessed on the DRE website Click on “Forms” and you may print form “RE318A” to give your input.
  4. The price for this package is no more than $117.00 when bundled with up to all 8 C.E. courses with printed books. This course will sometimes be sold for less when it is combined with other courses or at times of special discounts offered by Real Estate License Services.
  5. All our course booklets are written by RELSTONE® and are 2021-2023 copyrighted.
    Agency (40 pages) in the category of AGENCY (3 Credit Hours); Ethics, Professional Conduct, and Legal Aspects of Real Estate (37 pages) in the category of ETHICS (3 Credit Hours); Fair Housing (35 pages) in the category of FAIR HOUSING (3 Credit Hours); Trust Fund Accounting and Handling (43 pages) in category of TRUST FUNDS (3 Credit Hours); Risk Management for Real Estate Professionals (40 pages) in the category of RISK MANAGEMENT (3 Credit Hours); Real Estate Management, and Supervision, Implicit Bias (42 pages) in the category of MANAGEMENT AND SUPERVISION (3 Credit Hours). The courses for Selling Business Opportunities in California Part 1 (13 Credit Hours) & Part 2 (12 Credit Hours) 5th Edition (305 pages combined) are approved in the category of “Consumer Protection” as well as Mortgage Lending Part 1 (13 Credit Hours) & Part 2 (12 Credit Hours) 2nd Edition (345 pages combined) both parts approved in the category of “Consumer Protection.”

Beginning January 1, 2011, the DRE Regulations mandate that quizzes be taken for each correspondence course prior to the final exam. The quiz answers do not count toward your final course grade; however, you may not proceed to the final exam until your quiz answers have been submitted to us. The quiz answers may be submitted on paper or over the Internet. You may access your quiz questions on the Internet by going to or you may use the printed quiz questions which come with the printed books and mark your answers on the separate quiz answer form if you order your text material in book form rather than reading your text material on the Internet. In no case may you see the quiz answers before you take the mandatory quizzes. If you take the quizzes online, then you will be provided with the correct answer(s) to any questions you miss, along with the page and paragraph number where the topic of that question and answer may be found. If you do your quizzes on paper, then you MUST send the answers to us by mail to: 5059 Newport Ave # 209 San Diego CA 92107 and you must include a self-addressed stamped envelope in which we will return the answers to the quiz questions. If the quiz is not taken online, we will not provide quiz answers unless a self-addressed stamped envelope is provided.

The examination consists of 15 multiple-choice questions each for Management and Supervision; Agency, Ethics, Fair Housing, Trust Fund Handling, and Risk Management. You must complete each test within 15 minutes.

If you are enrolled in more than 15 hours of approved continuing education, please be aware that DRE regulations “Do not permit taking more than 15 hours credit of C.E. finals in one 24-hour period.” The number of questions on the final examination for the Consumer Protection CE courses is as follows: Business Opportunities Part 1 & Part 2 OR Mortgage Lending Part 1 & 2 each part consists of 40 multiple-choice questions and you must complete the exam for each part within 40 minutes.

Once the mandatory quizzes have been completed, and you wish to take your final exam on paper instead of on the Internet, please fill out the form “Request To Take Final Exam.” You may mail this form to Real Estate License Services, 5059 Newport Ave., #209, San Diego, California 92107, or fax to (619) 222-8593. Real Estate License Services will arrange for your final exam with a test administrator. If your final exam is not online, course provider will select a test administrator for you.


Your test administrator will be instructed to verify your identity before the administration of the final examination by asking you (the student) to show one of the following: (a) current California driver license. (b) current California ID. (c) another identification issued by a governmental agency or a recognized real estate related trade organization which bears a photograph, signature and identification number of the student, issued within the immediately preceding five years.

When you finish the test(s), if your final exam is not online, turn it in to the test administrator, who will mail it to Real Estate License Services. The test administrator will need to include a photo copy of the student’s current California Driver License OR California ID OR another identification issued by a governmental agency or a recognized real estate related trade organization which bears a photograph, signature and identification number of the student, issued within the immediately preceding five years.

The questions used for the final exam(s) must be mailed to Real Estate License Services, 5059 Newport Ave # 209, San Diego CA 92107, along with the answers.

If you fail a final exam, you must re-test and take another final (which will have questions different than the first exam). If both finals are failed, then you must reenroll in the course and begin over again. A fee of up to $40 may be charged to reenroll in any one course.


Before reviewing any course material online, DRE requires you to acknowledge, under penalty of perjury, that you are the person enrolled, and you will be the only person to complete the course.

You will be required to enter your CA Driver License# or CA ID# or Passport ID NUMBER right before taking the final exam(s) via the Examination System Login Portal, as per DRE regulations.

The minimum study time, beginning from your course enrollment date is 48 hours (two days) reading and studying; completing the quizzes, before being able to take up to 5 CE Courses (the small 3 hour courses) of the 45-hour program (Agency, Ethics, Fair Housing, Management and Supervision, Implicit Bias, Trust Funds; and/or Risk Management) then wait until the next day to complete one more (or the balance) of the incomplete 3-hour CE exam(s) then in another 48 hours (4 days later) after reading and studying and taking the quizzes; you may take the 2nd 1/3 of the 45 hours program Selling Business Opportunities, Part 1 final exam. And finally, finish up with the Selling Business Opportunities, Part 2 in which after 144 hours (6 days) of registration time may the student take his/her last and final exam, given the fact that all studying, and mandatory quizzes have been completed. Same process if you enrolled in the Mortgage Lending Part 1 & 2 combo.

Quizzes are mandatory and available online immediately after enrollment. Quizzes are not timed and there is no minimum passing score. You have unlimited quiz attempts. You will receive the correct answers to the ones you missed. Once the mandatory quizzes have been completed, and you wish to take your final exam online, you must go to the Examination System: and log in using your DRE 8-digit license number (or password you selected when you placed your order) and the email address you provided when you first enrolled.

During the administration of each exam, a timer is displayed to indicate to you, the student, the remaining time allowed to complete the current exam. In addition to the time, there is a display indicating the number of questions that remain unanswered at any given time. The background of the timer is green. When there are only five minutes remaining the background timer turns yellow. When there is only one-minute remaining, the background of the timer turns red, and a warning is displayed telling you, the student to submit your answers immediately. If the timer has expired, you may no longer make changes to your exam or manually submit it for grading; the exam system will capture the answers you already have made and submit them automatically for grading.

When the exam is completed and submitted, it is immediately graded, and the results are provided within seconds; letting you know how you performed. If the exam is not completed successfully, then the student may attempt to take Version B Exam (the make-up test) if the score is lower than 70% again for the 2nd time, then you, the student must Click on the Screen to Re-Enroll in the course and begin over again. Waiting 48 hours before taking the exam again and during the 48 hours waiting period must re-read and study the course booklet, re-do the mandatory quizzes (Quiz Sections) when instructed before taking the test in 48 hours (2 days later).

We have programmed our Multi-Media presentation to prevent you, the student, from accessing your final exams until the appropriate DRE -mandated time periods have passed, after you received the text material, and once the mandatory quizzes have been completed. The finals are automatically setup for you online when you first enroll, but exam questions may not be accessed online until the appropriate time periods for the courses have passed: 2 days from the date the student had access to the course material for any or all the six courses for the three hours credit each (Agency, Ethics, Fair Housing, Trust Funds, Risk Management and including Management & Supervision) and 6 days for the 45 hours combinations (Business Opportunities combo OR Mortgage Lending combo).

A passing grade is based on a minimum passing score of 70% on the open book final exams. Only the final examination grade is used in determining the student’s overall grade. If you took and passed your final exam on paper, an official certificate of completion will be mailed to you within two weeks after receipt of your completed final examination.

If you took your final exam on the Internet, you may print your certificate of completion for up to six (6) months after you passed. But before displaying and printing the completion certificate 8-digit number, you must fill out “Affidavit of Student” (which serves as an online signature) –We asked YOU, the student to type in your name, to provide a Government Issued ID#, to specify the Type of ID, and to Acknowledge (Affirm all is True) DRE requires you to acknowledge, under penalty of perjury, that you are the person who enrolled and did all the work; completing quizzes and exams. In order to complete all courses.

Please note: You are responsible for reporting your course completion to DRE.
When it is time for renewal of your license, most of the time the California Department of Real Estate (“DRE”) will mail you a reminder renewal letter. DRE requires that the Continuing Education Course Verification (RE251) form be used by a licensee upon license renewal, along with other necessary renewal documents. OR you may go to and file your renewal online, using “eLicensing” (You are responsible for reporting your course completion to DRE; DRE does not accepts course completions directly from schools.) Please put on the application RE251 the eight digit DRE Certificate Number for each course, found on your certificate (do not mail the certificate to the DRE). Additional certificates are $15.00 each. If you wish to renew your real estate license online instead of on paper, you may do so, by registering for “eLicensing” on the California Department of Real Estate homepage at:

Students may apply in writing to REAL ESTATE LICENSE SERVICES, mailing address, 5059 Newport Ave., #209, San Diego, California 92107 within 15 days from the date of enrollment and cancel and receive a refund for the full tuition. All REAL ESTATE LICENSE SERVICES materials must be returned in good condition at the time of cancellation; the materials should not be soiled, torn or marked upon. A charge of $25 may be withheld if any materials are not in resaleable condition. Refunds are not allowed if any work has been submitted.

If the course has not been completed within twelve (12) months of enrollment, the student must re-enroll and begin the course over again in order to complete the course. IN NO CASE MAY THE PERIOD OF ENROLLMENT EXTEND BEYOND TWELVE (12) MONTHS. If the student has not completed the course within 12 months from the original date of enrollment, the enrollment expires. The student may re-enroll under such circumstances for a discounted re-enrollment fee of $40.00 per course.

Courses may be transferred to another person by paying a transfer fee of $30.00 per course. Transfers are not allowed if any work has already been submitted.

A Course provider complaint form is available on the California Department of Real Estate (DRE) website at Access this form by typing “RE340” in the search box located in the upper right corner of the home page. An information form regarding course provider complaints, “RE340A” is also available.


Rev 03.27.22


 Ethics, Professional Conduct and Legal Aspects of Real Estate

This course covers ethics, professional conduct, and legal aspects of real estate, including enforcement of real estate law, examples of unlawful conduct, discrimination, other state laws and regulations, federal rules and more.


Covers the existence, the creation, the effects of agency; relationship, and statutory duties of the agent, agency liabilities, agency contracts, and agency relationships in modern brokerage practice, including a review of duties, disclosures and confidences in each.

 Trust Fund Accounting & Handling

Covers trust fund accounting and handling, including a background of trust funds, managing trust fund bank accounts, maintaining accounting records, reconciling balances of accounting records, documentation requirements, what to expect in an audit or examination, and recording transactions. Also includes twelve simulated DRE trust account forms, entries and reports.

 Fair Housing

Course covers the Federal Fair Housing Act, the Civil Rights Acts, Americans with Disabilities Act, California Fair Employment and Housing Act, DRE Commissioner’s regulations 2780-2782, the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, the Housing Financial Discrimination Act of 1977, and more.

 Risk Management for Real Estate Professionals

This course explains the concept of risk as it relates to the business of real estate. It describes the types of risk that real estate professionals will encounter – economics risk, property market risk, and professional and public liability risk. The course covers proper contract preparation and state regulations regarding the handling of trust funds. All required disclosures are presented and explained. The course details the duties of license real estate agents with respect to the law of agency, advertising, fair housing, privacy issues, and anti-trust issues. Finally, agents are made aware of predatory lending in home mortgage lending practices.

 Real Estate Management and Supervision

This three-hour course offers extensive coverage of broker management and supervision practices to comply with the provisions of California’s Business and Professions Code, as well as the regulations of the Real Estate Commissioner. It provides guidance on how to manage and supervise real estate offices, salespersons, and broker associates. Students will review management practices in general, the accountability of brokers for their salespersons through the common law of agency, and the policies, rules, procedures, and systems that will help ensure compliance with California law regulating brokers and salespersons.

Implicit Bias

This two-hour Implicit Bias course describes situations when people, without their conscious knowledge, have attitudes toward others or associate stereotypes with certain people. It offers extensive coverage of real estate broker and salesperson education regarding the impact of implicit bias, explicit bias, and systemic bias on consumers. It explains how unconscious bias, if not recognized or unexamined, can result in conduct that impacts some groups in positive ways and others in negative ways. The course covers the historical and social impacts of those biases and presents actionable steps students can take to recognize and address their own implicit biases.

 Selling Business Opportunities in California, Part 1 & 2

These two courses, totaling 25 hours of “consumer protection” credit for renewal of a California real estate license (salesperson or broker), is part of the continuing education requirement. Covers business opportunities and the real estate licensee, how to obtain an authorization to sell a business opportunity, establishing value, financial statements, customers, bulk sales law, allocation of purchase price, corporate sales, alcoholic beverage control licenses, escrow, doing business in California, business taxes, discrimination and more.

 Mortgage Lending, Parts 1 & 2

These two courses, totaling 25 hours of “consumer protection” credit for renewal of a California real estate license (salesperson or broker), is part of the continuing education requirement. Traces significant changes in mortgage lending as the real estate markets and sources of financing have changed over the last 60 years. No prior experience with mortgage lending is required to understand these courses. Included are chapters on: The Mortgage Market; Types of Loans; The Real Property Contract and Escrow; The Lending Process; Title Insurance; Closing and Property Transfers; Real Estate Economics; FHA and VA Lending; Mortgage Brokers and Wholesale Lending; Financial and Mathematical Concepts of Mortgage Lending; Regulatory Compliance; Ethics in Mortgage Lending; and Mortgage Lending in California.
Rev 03.27.22