Nebraska: Law and the Insurance Contract

Nebraska Insurance CE: Law and the Insurance Contract

A comprehensive examination of the law as it affects insurance contracts and provisions.

This Nebraska insurance continuing education online course is compiled from the best sources available on contract law. You’ll learn, in layman’s  language, the intricacies of insurance contract law from general principles to agency, from privacy to constitutional issues.


  • Learn contract law in-depth, from structure and source of law to landmark insurance law enactments such as the McCarran Act.
  • Develop basic skills in avoiding costly mistakes when marketing or underwriting insurance to consumers.
  • Gain insight into constitutional law, agency law, privacy law, and agents as employers.

Major Subjects Covered

  • Insurance and the Law.
  • Contracts.
  • Agency.
  • Privacy and Insurance.
  • Insurers and Agents as Employers.

Course Level: Intermediate

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