Nevada Insurance CE: Insurance Law in the U.S., 2nd Ed.

The legal implications of — and the laws that govern — agent or broker conduct.

After completing this Nevada Insurance Continuing Education online course, you will gain a lawyer’s perspective on the principles of agency; agency powers and limitations; waiver and estoppel; misrepresentations and warranties by agents or companies, and hundreds of other laws that serve to protect the interests of the insurance-buying public.

Insurance Law in the U.S. Course Objectives

  • Learn to spot unethical behavior by unscrupulous insurance companies or agents.
  • Develop basic skills in properly filling out an insurance application, scheduling a medical examination, collecting advance premiums, etc.
  • Gain insight into the legal implications of an unethical agent, broker, or insurance company conduct.

Major Insurance CE Subjects Covered

  • Knowledge of Agent as Imputed to the Company.
  • Representations and Acts of Agent or Company.
  • Misrepresentations and Warranties Generally.
  • Authority of Agents for the Company.
  • Types and Powers of Agents.

Insurance CE Course Level:


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