New Hampshire Insurance CE: Dimensions of Long Term Care Insurance

This New Hampshire course provides an in-depth examination of long-term care in the United States with an emphasis on the regulations and policies that govern it and the types of long-term care insurance policies available and their benefits.

This Insurance Continuing Education course provides a wealth of information regarding long-term care, including public policy regarding long-term care and its benefits and options. This online course is a good source of information both for those new to long term care as well as a great review for those who are the more experienced in the field.


  • Learn about long-term care policy and how benefits are determined.
  • Gain insight on who needs and qualifies for long-term care and what options they can choose when considering it.

Major Subjects Covered

  • What is Long-Term Care?
  • Who Needs Long-Term Care?
  • How Much Does Long-Term Care cost?
  • Who Pays For Long-Term Care?
  • Reasons to Consider LTC insurance.
  • Long-Term Care Insurance Risk Factors.
  • Types of Available LTC Policies.
  • Benefit Eligibility Triggers.
  • How Benefits Are Paid.
  • When Do Benefits Begin?
  • How Policies Outline Benefit Coverage.
  • Long-Term Care Policy Options.
  • Coverage Qualification.
  • How is the Premium Determined?
  • Termination of Long-Term Care Policies.
  • Protection for Long-Term Care Policies.
  • What LTC Policies Do Not Cover.
  • Alternatives to Long-Term Care Coverage.

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