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State of Virginia Department of Insurance Requirements

“COMPLIANCE WITH CE” means completing the proper required courses (if you are a resident) on or before November 30, 2020, or filing the appropriate exemption or waiver request with all required documents, and paying the $22 Continuance fee. The $22 Continuance fee must be paid by both resident and nonresident agents and the fees must be received by Pearson VUE by November 30, 2020.

  • 16 hours are required for producers who hold only one type of license every 2 years (biennium), Including 3 hours in Ethics (which may include Virginia laws and regulations)
  • 24 hours are required for producers who hold two types of licenses every 2 years, Including 3 hours Ethics &/or Laws/Regulations. At least 8 hours must come from each line of insurance they hold.
  • Resident and non-resident agents or consultants who hold one or more of the following lines or qualifications must meet the Virginia CE requirements:
    • Health
    • Life & Annuities
    • Life & Health Consultant
    • Property & Casualty
    • Property & Casualty Consultant
    • Personal Lines
    • Title

Under the following conditions individuals holding more than one qualification still only need to complete a TOTAL of 16 hours of approved CE courses each biennium:

  1. Individuals holding an agent license for both the Life & Annuities and Health
  2. Individuals holding an agent license for the Life & Annuities and/or Health
  3. Individuals holding an agent license for the Property & Casualty
  • Rosters are submitted via the Internet Using Vertafore Website Portal (as long as we the school, has received the Student & Proctor Certification by mail, Email or, Facsimile transmission within seven days of course completion)
  • Self-Study Tests must be monitored. The test witness/proctor cannot be a co-worker, relative, friend, or an acquaintance, the proctor must be a disinterested party over the age of 18 years and unrelated to the student.
  • Courses are repeatable every biennium, the next one ending on 11/30/2020
  • Licensees can carry over unlimited excess credits to the next biennium. Carryover credit is only allowed from one biennium to the next biennium.Carryover credits from the previous Biennium are automatically activated when an agent pays their one-time biennium Continuance fee of $22.00.
  • We are classified as non-company/non agency provider

The Virginia Insurance Continuing Education Board has changed some of the requirements and deadlines for both resident and non-resident agents. The changes outlined below will simplify the administrative process for the agent to comply with the continuing education requirements.

  • The nonrefundable Continuance fee has been increased to $22. It must be paid by both resident and nonresident agents and the fees must be received by Pearson VUE by November 30, 2020.
  • Virginia residents must complete the proper courses on or before November 30, 2020, or file the appropriate exemption or waiver request with all required documents, and pay the nonrefundable $22 Continuance fee.
  • Agents must complete at least three credit hours of Ethics in each biennium. No more than 75 percent of the required credits may be obtained from courses sponsored by insurance companies or agencies. Please remember that Insurance Law and Regulations credits will count toward Ethics credits.
  • Early November 2020, noncompliant agents will receive from the Bureau of Insurance (“Bureau”) a written notice of impending termination. Agents will have a 31-day period (beginning on December 1, 2020) as a final opportunity to correct any CE deficiencies by completing the required coursework and/or paying the fee.
  • Agents who fail to complete all requirements by January 3, 2021, will have their license’s terminated effective February 15, 2021.
  • Agents who have completed all continuing education course or exemption requirements by December 31 (or the next working day thereafter if December 31 falls on a weekend, of the following year) but failed to demonstrate proof of compliance by failing to pay the continuance fee imposed by the Board shall be permitted to pay such a continuance fee for an additional period of time, until the close of business on January 31 (or the next working day) but only if the agent pays, in addition to the continuance fee, a late filing penalty of $100, which must be paid electronically at No agent whose proof of compliance is received during this final period shall be considered in compliance with the continuing education requirements unless the continuance fee and the late filing penalty described herein are paid by the close of business on January 31 (or the next working day).
  • Proctor Certification is not required if the self-study examination is being administered at a professional testing center. Prior Board approval of the testing center is required.
  • Providers must submit course completion rosters and distribute course completion certificates within 20 calendar days of the course offering for all Virginia licensees.

Approved Courses:

Law and the Insurance Contract  This course has been approved for 16 credits:   
  • Law and Regulations: 16
Policy Premium Laws in America  This course has been approved for 12 credits:   
  • Life/Health: 6
  • Law and Regulations: 6
Life, Accident & Health Insurance in the US  This course has been approved for 7 credits:   
  • Life/Health: 7
  1. These courses are categorized as [Company/Agency] / [Non-Company/Non-Agency]. No more than 75 percent of your required credits can come from Company/Agency course credits. Additionally, at least three (3) course credits must be earned for Ethics (Law and Regulations).
  2. These courses have been approved as listed above.
  3. Classroom courses – One credit hour is 50 minutes of continuous instruction or participation. Your attendance will be verified via the sign-in/sign-out sheet located with the door monitor. Only students meeting minimum attendance requirements may receive certificates of course completion.
  4. Agents cannot receive CE credit for a course taught in alternative formats (a classroom course, online course, video or audio conference, web-conference–based, etc.) if the curriculum is based on the same published materials; this rule applies to any variation of course type. For example, Agents cannot receive CE credit for both a self-study (examination course) and a classroom course based on the same published materials.
  5. Excess earned Ethics credits may be applied to cover other CE requirements in the current biennium and any remaining credits may be carried over to the next biennium and applied to either the Ethics requirement or other CE requirement.
  6. Agents are not allowed to receive or carry over credit for the same course in the same biennium.
  7. ONLY the Virginia Insurance License Number (VLN) or the National Producer Number (NPN) are permitted for identification. Please be sure that you have recorded your number so that the instructor can read it, as illegible submissions will result in a delay of reporting course credits.
  8. This class may be audited by representatives of Pearson VUE. Pearson VUE is a private company who in partnership with Vertafore was contracted by the Virginia Insurance Continuing Education Board to administer all facets of the continuing education program for the Board effective with the 2009-2010 biennium.
  9. CE credits for this course should be posted to your transcript within 20 calendar days. If your transcript does not reflect this course within 20 calendar days, please contact the provider.
  10. Agents are expected to give their full attention to this class. All electronic devices should be turned off and put away along with any reading material other than material applicable to this class.
  11. Agents and consultants who fail to update their address with the Virginia Bureau of Insurance may not receive important notices. Agents may update their address and add or update their email address online at
  12. Agents who are newly licensed in the second year of a biennium are exempt from the continuing education requirements for that biennium. These agents may elect to take continuing education courses and earn credits that may be carried over to the next biennium provided they pay the $22 continuance for the current biennium. Failure to pay this continuance fee will prevent the credits earned from being carried over to the next biennium when the agent will be required to meet all continuing education requirements.
  13. Each agent should review the Virginia Insurance Continuing Education Agent Information Handbook for complete guidelines at

NOTE: Agents should visit to view updated CE credits for the current biennium and compliance status (CE transcript) information and to pay their biennial Continuance fee of $22.00 due by November 30th, 2020.

All continuing education providers and instructors must strictly adhere to all relevant Program Requirements and all other standards as set forth in this Provider Information Handbook. This Provider Handbook may be modified from time to time to reflect Commonwealth of Virginia statutory changes, regulatory changes by the State Corporation Commission, as well as policy changes made by the Virginia Continuing Education Board.

Taking Exams Online

  • Exam must be proctored by a disinterested third party. Definition of Disinterested Third Party: The examination may be proctored by a notary, the librarian at a public library, a lawyer, a corporate training department, a Supervisor, an instructor, an approved test administration service, Human Resources or Education Dept personnel, an Office Manager, a person with a professional designation such as but not limited to a CPCU Designation, a person in any supervisory position to an agent, personnel at a local school: Guidance counselor, professor, teacher or Clergy, a Local Course Sponsor – a public list can be found at
  • A proctor cannot be a co-worker, relative, friend, or an acquaintance, the proctor must be a disinterested party over the age of 18 years and unrelated to the student.
  • Proctor must be present during entire length of final exam, CLOSED BOOK Final.
  • After completing and submitting exam online, a downloadable version of the “Student Certification” and the “Proctor Certification” forms must be printed out from the computer which the exam was taken and completed & signed by both the student & the proctor.
  • After the “Certifications” have been filled out and signed, please fax to 619-222-8593
  • Upon receipt of these “Certifications”, the student will be given access to print out the certificate of completion for the course that was successfully completed.
  • Credits for completion of course will be submitted by roster via email to appropriate state insurance department or credit processing firm.
  • IF the student fails the final exam, a brand new exam will be available.

Renew Your Virginia Insurance License — Select Your Virginia Insurance CE Courses Below

Course NameCredit Hours & TypePrice Add to Cart
Virginia Insurance CE: Law and the Insurance Contract

Hours: 16, Ins Law/Regs


Virginia Insurance CE: Insurance Ethics Training

Hours: 3 – ETHICS


Virginia Insurance CE: Policy Premium Laws in America

Hours: 12 – ILR6, LH6


Virginia Insurance CE: Life, Accident and Health Insurance

Hours: 7; Life & Health